Our Advanced OSINT & Media Intelligence Analytics Platforms

Support public and private organizations in understanding the digital landscape, making informed decisions and promptly reacting to threats.

Public Sentiment and Opinion Awareness

Highlights real-time trends thanks to machine learning capabilities. These trends can arise from political, humanitarian and criminal situations and can relate to national or transnational regions. Identifies the originator of a message, how it is distributed across various sources and the public sentiment related to the topic. This allows our customers to distinguish trends from fads and make the right decisions.

Media Mining

The platform can be used to monitor media sources (Print, TV, Radio, Web, Social Media,) en masse for preventive purposes. Our customers will be able to extract valuable information, regardless of the focus.

Target Profiling

Online data can reveal habits, preferences and the networks of targeted individuals. It is an essential tool to automate the processes that leads to a deeper understanding of the target, thus saving time to focus on the crucial issues of the business.

Social Engagement

The ability to interact with social identities can provide a better understanding of customers as well as general public sentiment. Proactively engaging with any community member and supporting automatic counter-narratives it allows responses to single posts, creation of campaigns and dissemination of a predefined message towards the targeted community.



  • Data Collection: Stores collected data in a private, offline and secure database, keeping original posts safe from potential editing or deleting
  • Social Media and Automated Analytics: Capable of collecting data from main social media platforms and provides analytic graphs to spot meaningful patterns on the internet
  • Deep and Dark Web: Can collect data from ".onion" sources due to its advanced crawling engine
  • Relation Analysis: Highlights connections among users, places and organizations
  • Automatic Translation and Semantic Analysis: Analyzes data from several languages and extracts and filters emotion, entities and geographical places of particular interest
  • Training: Offers bespoke training and workshops delivered by professionals with extensive technological and investigative experience



Our platform is critical for Defense and Homeland Security sectors, helping understand the digital framework, locate possible threats, identify potential interactions and respond to continuous threats coming from Cyber Warfare. It also aids in fighting criminal activities that thrive on the web, pinpointing the target through massive data analysis.

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